PSU Meat Market

The Penn State Meat Market is a great find!

If you are looking for good prices, very fresh meat and a good variety, go to the PSU Meat Lab.  The brochure that I picked up says:


“look for this sign on Porter Road between the Visitor’s Center and Baseball Stadium”


On the website the meat lab explains that it is a teaching laboratory but on Fridays it becomes an old fashioned meat counter–the building was built in 1958– with butchers that know your name (well, not my name because it was my first time there, but many others).

They regularly offer fresh beef, pork, lamb, ham, bacon, and sausages.

My experience:  The Meat Lab only has a certain amount of meat available for the day.  The door does not open until 9:30 AM; I arrived about 9:25 AM and there was a line of about 20 people.  The meat counter is staffed by 3 butchers and it takes some time to make your way up to the counter.  Get there early.  The brochure says, “the sale starts at 9:30 AM and operated until 3:00PM or until we’re sold out.”

The meat lab is only open on Fridays during the fall and spring semesters.  Also, beware.  I heard stories of the lines that form in the fall on Fridays before home football games–let’s just say that those tailgaters who camp near the stadium are early risers.

The PSU Meat Lab–“From PSU farms to Happy Valley’s plates.”

An article from the Centre Daily Times is here.