Penn State Creamery


The Penn State Creamery.  What a gem this is to the university and our town. Our family has spent many a warm summer evening sitting under an umbrella on the patio of the Creamery eating Penn State ice cream.  Of course, I have mentioned many times that our favorite ice cream is Keeny Beany (rich chocolate ice cream with bittersweet chocolate pieces and flecks of vanilla bean in it!), but the Butter Pecan comes up a close second place!

Did you know that the Creamery also sells other PSU dairy products?  Penn State makes it’s own yogurt, cheddar cheeses, milk, sour cream, etc.  Summer sausages, veggie dips and flavored cream cheeses are also for sale at the Creamery.

Mushrooms are also for sale at the Creamery.  They are fresh white button mushrooms, grown on PSU land.

**for those of you who are new to Happy Valley, it is tricky to find a parking lot for the Creamery.  Turn into the parking garage off Bigler Road, and park where the signs indicate 30 minute parking.