Meyer Dairy

Meyer  Dairy

2390 South Atherton Street, State College, PA


One of the happy reasons of living in “happy valley” is Meyer Dairy!

 It is one of the last of it’s kind, and we are fortunate enough to have a real, working dairy in our backyard.

I was reminded of this the yesterday.  After leaving the gym, I remembered that we had no milk at home.  I had my empty glass bottles in the car, so I headed to the dairy.

The usual things happened there.

I walked in, the door held open by the previous customer, and immediately smelled that Meyer Dairy smell–you know the one–a circa 1970’s store filled with ice cream and milk and soups and sandwiches for the lunch crowd.

 I placed my empty milk bottles on the cart, I put 3 skim milk and 1 – 2% milk bottles in my wire milk basket and proceeded to checkout.  There were a few people in line. Enough for me to have time to remember that I needed cream for a soup I was making that day.  Let me just say that Meyer Dairy cream is better than any grocery store heavy cream, and it is about 1/3 cheaper in price!

I walked over to get the 1/2 pint of cream from the dairy case.  I went back into the line where I had left it.

I paid with cash, using up lots of change that was weighing down my wallet.  Linda told me their need for quarters.

I walked to the door with 4 1/2 gallons of milk, a carton of cream, a Town and Gown magazine…my hands full.

As usual, a kind man was near the door and opened it for me.  He walked out after I did, commented on the beautiful day as the sun shone on Mt. Nittany.

It was the usual visit to Meyer Dairy.  But the usual visit is so unusual to those not from Happy Valley.  We are fortunate indeed!

And…..I did not even mention the ice cream!!