Auman’s Key Shop (for sharpening knives)

Do you have knives that are just not cutting those mushy tomatoes from the grocery store?

Don’t buy new ones!  Take them to Auman’s Key Shop at 1383 East College Ave. (next to the Exxon gas station) for sharpening. In the past, I took my 30 year old knives to several places in town, as well as sharpened them with a sharpener I have in my kitchen, but I have never had sharper knives than when Auman’s sharpened them!  They guarantee excellent service (VERY SHARP KNIVES) and they succeed!

“The sharper your knife, the less you cry” is very true and sharp knives make all the prep work for the upcoming fresh fruits and veggies season a delight.

The Auman’s website says nothing said about sharpening knives; I guess this is just one of those State College secrets!  Their website is:



Michael Ruhlman, author of the very helpful book Ruhlan’s Twenty: 20 Techniques, 100 Recipes,  A Cook’s Manifesto has this to say about knives:

“Here’s the fact: the biggest problem in home kitchens is dull knives.  There is no greater hindrance to the person in the house who does the cooking than dull knives.

“..what is rarely state on cooking shows, in magazines, in the recipe columns of your newspaper is that if you want to make cooking easier and safer, use very sharp knives..When you use a dull knife, you tend to have to press harder on what you’re cutting, which results in slippage.

“A dull knife will smash through onion cell walls rather than slice through them, losing more juices, so it’s arguable that a sharp knife actually results in better tasting food.

“Bottom line: there are enough frustrations in the kitchen. Don’t compound them by using a knife that can’t slip through the skin of an old tomato. If you want to enjoy cooking more, get your knives sharpened.   If your sweetheart is the cook, take advantage of this fact: Nothing, nothing, says I love you like a really sharp knife.  Not to a cook, anyway.”