Cooking Classes


Learn to cook some of your favorite foods with a two-hour cooking class tailored to your needs in my State College home.

Classes include basic cooking techniques, various recipes of your choice, meal ideas, grocery shopping tips, and more! You eat what you cook and take home the leftovers.


Pricing: a 2-hour class of 1 to 4 people is $55 per person, payable  via  cash or check

To book a lesson, fill out the Take a Class form.  I will respond as soon as possible.


Some popular classes that I teach are…




Baking Basics: "Made in the Pan" Chocolate Cake or Easy Banana Bread are some of the sweet breads that can be made. Corn bread is a savory option.





College Staples:  Why make it from a box or order out?  You don't have to be in college to learn to make Homemade Macaroni and Cheese or Homemade Pizza!






Cooking Basics:  Can't boil water?  Learn the basics about chopping, measuring, boiling and all that you need to know to get going in the kitchen.




Cookie Baking: Don't buy those store-bought things!  Learn to make your own homemade cookies - 2 varieties of cookies for your pleasure and for friends, family or roommates!




Cooking with Pasta: Everyone loves pasta. In this class you will learn to make easy pasta dishes like Sungold Tomates and Pine Nuts with Angle Hair Pasta, Pesto Pasta or Pasta Carbonara.




Grocery Store Tour:  Bagged versus fresh veggies? Frozen versus homemade meals?  Learn how to save money and cut calories at the grocery store.




Holiday Gifts:  Food gifts are the best way to show you care.  Learn to make Candied Pecans, Seven Layer Cookies and Easy English Toffee.




How to Cook Vegetables: Put more veggies in your life and love them. Roasted, sauteed, grilled--we will do that! 





Italian Cooking:  Make Italian Bolognese (meat) sauce that tastes as though you were in the old country. Or learn how to make a true Italian lasagna.





Pie Making 101:  Learn all about pie making including how to make an easy homemade pie crust.  Take home an apple pie to bake in your oven.



Soups and Stews: Learn to cook easy Soups for comfort and nourishment when the weather turns cold with such offerings as Potato Cheese Soup, Chicken and Sweet Pepper Chili or White Bean Stew.





Salads:  They are not just about lettuce. Blueberries and Baby Spinach Salad, French Style Spinach Mushroom Salad,  Avocado Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing are some ideas for fresh salads that are satisfying.




Start Off Right in the New Year:  Healthy and diet friendly foods like Warrior Salad that start the new year off with a kick of nutrition.




Valentine Dinner:  Learn to make a simple yet elegant dinner for your sweetheart.





Have suggestions of what you are interested in cooking? Contact me at