Kids CAN cook! When a child sees those around him cook, when he is taught by parents and grandparents, when healthy food is encouraged and he is allowed to experiment with it, he not only learns the basics of cooking and eating well, but gains confidence that he, indeed, can […]

Shrimp Lo Mein

I have been busy this week, showing off shell peas at demonstrations at the Boalsburg Farmers Market as well as at the South Hills Food Festival! Despite threatening skies in Boalsburg on Tuesday, there were lots of shoppers and they liked my samples of Pea Salad made with just harvested […]

Shell Peas

Today, I want to talk about vegetables. I don’t want to talk about dieting and vegetables.  I just want to talk vegetables. Although vegetables ARE very good for your overall diet and health. During the holidays, I don’t think about how all the tomatoes in the grocery store taste terrible.  How […]

Happy New Year with Roasted Vegetables