I had a conversation with one of my daughter’s friends yesterday. I had not seen her in several months, and  as we caught up with each other, I expressed my appreciation that she “liked” the Instagram photos I post on my Happy Valley Learn to Cook Instagram page. She said, […]

Almond Cereal Bars

  Summer camp has been going on for several weeks now.  It is a Monday through Friday camp for elementary school aged children.  For one and a half hours, 12 to 14 children gather in a group to learn about food and cook it! This is the third year I […]

Caramel Corn at Summer Camp

Super easy, 4 ingredients!  Can’t cook?  You can make these!  They are tasty, nutritious and filled with good things that your body needs after a workout, not all that extra stuff in granola bars you purchase at your grocery store! Make them yourself, even adjust the honey a bit, and […]

Easy Granola Bars

An article written by Audrey Brashich in the Washington Post titled “Why I became a Snacktivist” is interesting reading.  This is one women’s story about American kids’ snacking habits and might just be applied to, really, everyone who snacks! She quotes one of food activist and author Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules” […]

5-Ingredient Granola Bars