Main Course

There was a party last weekend at the Holland house to celebrate Rachel and Jake’s wedding in Salt Lake City  in August.  We wanted to share the happiness here in State College.  It was an open house with lots of food!! We had many friends come for the party from […]

S’MAC for a Party

Well, this is over…… Building our new garden And this is over……… Sewing dresses for the August wedding And this happy occasion is over (yet the happiness is just beginning!!!) ….. Rachel Holland and Jacob Geertsen  August 24, 2013 But according to the calendar and the Boalsburg Farmers Market last […]

Is Summer Over?

Two years ago I was in Seattle for the first time.  I was very excited because I knew that Seattle was a “foodie” city! Since our hotel was just a few blocks from Pike Place Market, I went there almost every day!  I could not help it—OK, yes I did […]

Tikka Masala Chicken