Edible gifts are always appreciated!  Whether you need a hostess gift, a stocking stuffer or a ding-dong ditch surprise, these candied pecans are the perfect answer. Three ingredients to make them, about 20 minutes of your time and you are done! Candied Pecans 1/2 cup granulated sugar 2 Tablespoons balsamic […]

Candied Pecans

Christmas and cookies, they go together! Cookies are everywhere right now—-cookie exchanges, posts of recipes all over the internet, a holiday cookie truck handing out free cookies (yes, it IS real if you are in NYC), a newspaper’s annual cookie issue, even a “Cookies of the World” guide. Yesterday, my favorite blog about cookies was certainly […]

Christmas Cookies–Two Recipes

When there is no time to make pie….make Thanksgiving M&M cookies.  These are not just any M&M cookies.  They are decidedly better since they are made with browned butter! And now that I have experienced using brown butter in baking, I might have to use it all the time.  The […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Make some cookies for your Valentine!!  Not just any old sugar cookies, but special cookies! Martha Stewart’s Sandwich Cookies, filled with your favorite jam or melted chocolate will make your valentine feel fine!! These cookies look like they are difficult to make, but they are not—-the dough is made […]

Valentine’s Cookies