A fun class to celebrate a birthday was happening at Happy Valley Learn to Cook last weekend. Dinner started with a Winter Citrus Salad and Sugared Pecans, the main course was Pasta Bolognese and the meal was complete with an Apple Galette.   Apple Galette Dough for a single-crust pie** […]

Apple Galette

Summertime, and the Learning is Fun in the Kitchen! I have been blogging very little lately as I have been very busy!!  I am teaching children to cook this summer. It’s been a learning experience for me too. Each week for the past 6 weeks, groups of young, excited students […]

Cooking with Children

The strawberries are on in Happy Valley and I have two delicious recipes for you to try! Easy (No Churning) Strawberry Ice Cream   This recipe seems to be making it’s way around the internet. I was doubtful if it would work, but I had a can of sweetened condensed […]

Strawberry Season

Fall is here and I want to start baking!!  Everything in the summer is so fresh, you just want to eat it that way…as well as not heating up your home by turning on the oven. But when fall arrives, I want the oven on, baking delicious food that fills […]

Baking with Apples

When it is blueberry season, my husband pleads for blueberry pie. Usually I make a cooked blueberry pie, but this year he encouraged me to try making a FRESH blueberry pie, just as most strawberry pies are made:  fresh fruit bound together with a fruit “glaze” in a pre-cooked pie […]

Fresh Blueberry Pie