Smitten Kitchen has a fantastic recipe for the “ultimate” Rice Krispies—BROWN BUTTER Rice Krispy Treats!!  And, believe it or not, they are a game changer! You make the Rice Krispy Treats the same way as usual, but just “brown” the butter. So easy and they will be eaten so […]

Brown Butter Rice Krispies

I have been working with the Centre Region Senior Center, in State College, demonstrating cooking techniques and making lunch for them once a month. The seniors like to watch my preparations, ask me questions and tell me their stories.  I love listening to their stories and serving them fresh, local […]

Lunch with the Seniors

    When your father is 86 years old,  you struggle to find a gift for Father’s Day that he will like/that is appropriate. After all, he always says “I have everything I need” and that is true. I, too, am finding myself needing and wanting far fewer “things” than […]

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think Valentines Day is for CHOCOLATE! And yes, you can go out and buy a heart shaped box of chocolates, or a fancy dessert from the grocery store or a pastry shop. But why, when you can make, literally in 5 minutes, a creamy, homemade mousse that your valentine […]

Chocolate Mousse

We are heading in to the happy season!! The season of giving and getting treats. Did you know that studies show that “scratch desserts are better for your waistline than ho-hum packaged versions.” By baking cookies, cakes and other goodies yourself, you can eliminate the artificial ingredients and all the […]

Gingersnap Cookies

A fun class to celebrate a birthday was happening at Happy Valley Learn to Cook last weekend. Dinner started with a Winter Citrus Salad and Sugared Pecans, the main course was Pasta Bolognese and the meal was complete with an Apple Galette.   Apple Galette Dough for a single-crust pie** […]

Apple Galette

Christmas and cookies, they go together! Cookies are everywhere right now—-cookie exchanges, posts of recipes all over the internet, a holiday cookie truck handing out free cookies (yes, it IS real if you are in NYC), a newspaper’s annual cookie issue, even a “Cookies of the World” guide. Yesterday, my favorite blog about cookies was certainly […]

Christmas Cookies–Two Recipes

When there is no time to make pie….make Thanksgiving M&M cookies.  These are not just any M&M cookies.  They are decidedly better since they are made with browned butter! And now that I have experienced using brown butter in baking, I might have to use it all the time.  The […]

Happy Thanksgiving!