End of Summer Produce



I hate to admit it, but the summer is coming to an end.  And although it has been a dry one in Happy Valley, the remarkable farmers here have been able to offer us the same produce as they would in a growing season with normal rainfall.  I admire their hard work!

I found corn the other day at the Boalsburg Market, but kept it in the fridge too long to expect it to make a tasty side of corn on the cob.  So, I took the kernels off the cob, sauteed them in about 1/2 Tablespoon olive oil and 1/2 Tablespoon butter over medium heat, threw in a green chili (chopped, without seeds) that was hanging out on the counter, a bit of chopped onion and some proscuitto that I had in the fridge, and a few torn leaves of basil. Ta-da!  A side for dinner.

Start with corn as your base, and throw in anything you want to use up in your kitchen, or the remnants that you are finding in your garden.  I only wish I had thought to throw in some of the MANY cherry tomatoes we still have.


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