Hurray for Strawberries!!



At our house, the stawberries are starting to ripen, but we have a game we are playing with the resident chipmunk and family–who can get to the ripe berries the quickest.  Even our elaborate chicken wire contraption is not deterring him! We did salvage enough this morning for cereal though. I can’t blame him, since EVERY-ONE/THING has been waiting for the great bounty to begin.

Fortuantely, there are strawberries at the Farmers Markets!  Way Fruit Farm sent out an email last night with the news that the time to pick your own strawberries is here.  What a great time of year in Centre County!!  We are finally harvesting local fruit.

I am coming up with a few new strawberry recipes in the next couple of weeks.  But in the meantime, here are some past posts that can get you started on your own strawberry fest!

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