Shell Peas

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I have been busy this week, showing off shell peas at demonstrations at the Boalsburg Farmers Market as well as at the South Hills Food Festival!

Despite threatening skies in Boalsburg on Tuesday, there were lots of shoppers and they liked my samples of Pea Salad made with just harvested peas from Ardry Farms.

Wednesday, I met many people who, like me, love fresh, local food.  I continued my “pea” theme with samples of Fresh Pea Salad with Greens.

Now is the time for all of you that LOVE shell peas to get to one of the many Farmers Markets in Centre County and buy all the fresh shell peas you can eat!  The window of opportunity for these delicious morsels is short!

Pea Salad

(adapted from


2 cups fresh peas, shelled and washed (about 2 pounds of pre-shelled peas)

After shelling the peas, whisk together the dressing in a large bowl:

1 Tablespoon white balsamic vinegar

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon each of chopped fresh mint and basil

Pinch of red chili flakes

Large pinch of sea salt

Add the shelled peas (raw) to the dressing and toss together—let it sit for about 15 minutes at room temperature to marinate.


Fresh Pea Salad with Greens

(adapted from

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2 cups shelled peas, uncooked

1/2 cup olive oil

3 Tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

3 teaspoons Dijon mustard

2 teaspoons water

2 teaspoons minced shallot

12 cups of mixed greens

Mix the dressing ingredients (olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, water and shallot) together in a jar with a tightly fitted lid.  Shake the vinaigrette vigorously to emulsify.

Wash the greens and the peas. Dry with paper towels.  Toss the peas and greens together in a large bowl.  Dress with the vinaigrette.  This recipe serves 12 large portions.


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