Happy New Year with Roasted Vegetables


Today, I want to talk about vegetables. I don’t want to talk about dieting and vegetables.  I just want to talk vegetables. Although vegetables ARE very good for your overall diet and health.

During the holidays, I don’t think about how all the tomatoes in the grocery store taste terrible.  How we will not see fresh corn on the cob for MONTHS!!  I just focus on feeding the family and making our special holiday treats.

But now, we are in that long stretch of what could be called…..boring vegetables. Yes, it’s a long time until gardens are planted and even longer until they are harvested.  We have to make due with what we can find in the grocery store and the farmers market. And although we can find some of our summer favorites flown in from places from the southern hemisphere, I usually want to eat local vegetables.

The above picture was taken on Christmas Eve, part of our traditional dinner buffet–food favorites of our family. Asparagus is a spring vegetable, but I bought the bunch for our special Christmas Eve meal.  These asparagus were roasted.

On the regular days in January, February and March, I buy the usual vegetables that are not costly or special:  potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic, beets, turnips.

If you cook these vegetables they way most people do, ie, boiling or steaming, they will quickly become boring, and you might give up serving your family fresh veggies.

But, all of these vegetables can be roasted in the oven, which brings out a sweeter, sometimes nuttier flavor of the veggie.

Here is a picture of sliced carrots and parsnips, almost ready for the oven. If you haven’t tried parsnips, they look like a white carrot and taste sweet.


Once the vegetables are washed, peeled (if you want to) and sliced, place in a pan (this one is a stoneware pan, but any metal or glass pan will do), drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  You can also add herbs to your veggies (We love rosemary mixed in with red skinned potatoes). Toss the veggies with a spoon and put in the oven at 400 degrees.  Cook about 30 to 45 minutes, until the vegetables are soft when pierced with a knife.

In the picture below, you can see carrots, red pepper, potatoes, white and red onions in the pan, roasted until some of the tips of the onion are brown and a bit burned…..yum!!!  We like them that way!  But you can roast as long or short as you like.


With the cold temperatures outside, the oven will warm your home, the smells of vegetables cooking will warm your soul with the thought of feeding those you love wholesome food. And those roasted veggies will satisfy hungry people who will NOT call them “boring!”

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