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A post from 2013, and although the rains may not have been plentiful this year, the zucchini certainly is………… Our family loves to garden…well, maybe not the weeding part, but when spring comes after a LOOOONG winter, it feels great to get some dirt under our fingernails and plant seeds […]

Chocolate Zucchini Pound Cake

Pizza Genovese Style is easy in the summertime! With pesto, leftover new potatoes and fresh green beans steamed in the microwave, you can make Pesto Genovese Pizza in no time.  It’s called Genovese because it is created with the ingredients of Pesto alla Genovese from Genoa, Italy. First, roll out […]

Pesto Genovese Pizza

When it is blueberry season, my husband pleads for blueberry pie. Usually I make a cooked blueberry pie, but this year he encouraged me to try making a FRESH blueberry pie, just as most strawberry pies are made:  fresh fruit bound together with a fruit “glaze” in a pre-cooked pie […]

Fresh Blueberry Pie

Celebrate the Fourth of July with this easy red, white and blue dessert!  Have a Brownie Bar! A brownie bar is just as the name implies—-moist, chocolaty brownies with lots of toppings that can be customized any way you want.  The above picture shows that our brownie bar consisted of […]

A Brownie Bar