Yummy Short Ribs!

We know it is March when the highs this week range from the 50 degree mark down to a low 8 degrees this morning on my thermometer!  It’s so cold today that I knew we had to have something warm and comforting.


And not just any ribs but Short Ribs from the Penn State Meat Lab.


They are fresh, like all the meat at the Meat Lab, they are tender and they are inexpensive.  $3.50 per pound.  Compared to a local grocery store that had them on sale last week for $5.50 per pound, that is a good deal.

My favorite recipe for Short Ribs is this one from The Pioneer Woman:


This recipe for Short Ribs makes moist, tender ribs, with a killer sauce to boot!  (The Pioneer Woman’s pictures of this dish are much better than mine — you can see how moist they are)  The ribs are baked in a broth that is made from diced carrots, onions and shallots with fresh herbs in a wine/water/apple juice (whichever you prefer) and beef broth liquid that makes your home smell so good your family and friends will want to dig in as soon as they come through the front door.

A disclaimer:  I did not have bacon or pancetta.  I just used bacon grease that I had in my fridge for browning the meat, etc.

I served the ribs on top of mashed potatoes, but The Pioneer Woman suggests polenta too,  and that is also delicious.

Remember that the PSU Meat Lab is open every Friday from 9:30 AM until 3:00 PM or until the meat runs out.  They are closed this Friday, March 14 for spring break but will be back next week and every Friday until the end of Spring semester, May 9.

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