Strawberries and other Good Food

I got an email from Way Fruit Farm this morning.  Their strawberries are ready and will be available at Friday’s Farmers Market in State College.  ALSO, they will start their Pick-Your-Own strawberries this Saturday, June 15th.  Their hours are 8 AM until ?  They close at 5 PM, but looking at the amount of ripe berries, they are telling everyone to come early since the ripe berries might be gone by 5 PM.  Bring your own containers.  For all the details, sign up for their newsletter here.

Last year I tired this new shortcake recipe, which was fantastic!

In between rainstorms today, I picked a lovely bunch of strawberries from our garden.  I finally got smart this year, after seeing a family of bunnies that live under some evergreen trees nearby feasting on early berries, and covered the raised bed with chicken wire.  I did not know if the strawberry plants would suffer.  They have not, the chicken wire has saved our berries.



This strawberry season, I have to try this recipe from  Strawberry Galette/Crostata (French/Italian answer to pie)!  Here is a tutorial that I am going to use tonight!


Fresh lettuce at Wegmans this week!  Spiral Path Farm in Loysville, PA is working with Wegmans to bring red leaf, romaine and red romaine lettuces to our State College store—and it is only $1.50 a head!  What a deal.  And it is organic!  Lately all of the lettuce that I have bought at Wegmans has had a very short shelf life.  This is very aggravating since I pay about $2.39/pound.  This lettuce is trucked in fresh from a farm in PA.  The Wegmans people have told me that they hope to continue to bring in more veggies from this farm all summer long.  It ‘s good for Wegmans–less miles traveled; good for us—lower price and longer lasting lettuce.  Yeah for going local!


Tomorrow is the farmers market in State College.  The season is still new, but the market is filling up with lots of great fruits and veggies to eat, and still many plants to plant in your garden.  It’s not too late!


The first ever Happy Valley Culinary Week happens next week, June 17 – June 22.  This is going to be a fun series of events:

–Cooking demonstrations everyday through the week by local chefs of some of the best restaurants in State College.  For example, at noon on Monday, Fasta Pasta will have a demonstration at the Penn State Downtown Theater at noon.  Spat’s Cafe will have a demonstration at the Boalsburg Farmers Market on Tuesday afternoon.

–Price Fixed menus will allow all of us in Happy Valley to experience many of the restaurants in the area, such as Zola’s New World Bistro, Spats Cafe, Highway Pizza, Harrison’s, The Gamble Mill and more.

–Check out the website for more info.

We’ve waited since last fall for this!!!  The bountiful season for fresh local food is upon us!

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