Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, the State College Area School District held it’s annual Conference on Strong Families.  This is a conference that has been going on for 27 years here in State College.  I love the fact that our community is interested in helping parents in that “harder than anything else in life- job”… raising wonderful children.

I was asked to participate in the conference by presenting a workshop.  It was called “Quick, Healthy, Homemade Meals for Your Family.”  We talked about how important planning meals are, having basic pantry supplies for quick meals and the benefit of eating together as a family (timely article in last week’s Parade Magazine about this in the excerpt from Bruce Feiler’s new book The Secrets of a Happy Family).

This was after a terrific keynote address at the start of the conference by Jill Jayne, “the country’s only Rockstar Nutritionist.”  She emphasized the importance of teaching children healthy eating choices, and how “spicing” things up a bit with music can help achieve that.  Here is an article that she wrote for the Centre Daily Times.

In class, after we talked–of course—we cooked!!!  We made three of my favorite recipes:

Potato Carrot Cheddar Soup

Three Cheese Skillet Lasagna

Chicken, Sausage and Wild Rice Casserole

Tonight is the Oscar Broadcast.  I found this recipe that I thought was appropriate for this night:  Katherine Hepburn’s Brownies.  I have not made these brownies yet, but the recipe reads like a winner! I agree with the author of this blog, “the majority of films today fail to move or excite me.”  OK, I did love Lincoln, and if you have not seen Quartet yet, you must (no matter what age you are!).  But really, I am only interested in the gowns tonight!

And maybe brownies.

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