Hello, and welcome to Happy Valley Learn to Cook! I'm LaCreta, and I love to cook and to teach others to cook. I'm a wife, mother of four, grandmother of three and a State College resident for 16 years.

I grew up watching my mother and grandmother making family meals. But it was not until I had a family of my own that I started cooking in earnest. Four hungry children will do that!

When my husband's job moved our family to Italy for 5 years, my culinary adventures really started. It was there that I learned how delicious a meal can be, cooking with simple, fresh ingredients.

In Happy Valley, we are so fortunate to enjoy fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers' markets. We have a wide variety of food from the local grocery stores. We can get the freshest meat and chicken from the Penn State Meat Market and milk and the thickest cream from local cows at Meyer Dairy. With all of these healthy, fresh foods available, everyone should have the knowledge of how to cook with them.

Join me at Happy Valley Learn to Cook and begin your own culinary adventure.


"...try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all, have fun!"  ~ Julia Child


Want to Learn to Cook?

I offer two-hour cooking classes tailored to your needs in my own home here in State College.

Classes include, but are not limited to, basic cooking techniques, various recipes of your choice, meal ideas, and grocery shopping tips. They are scheduled in groups of 3 to 4 people per lesson—bring your friends or come alone and meet new ones!  My classes are a hands-on experience. 

We WILL eat what we cook!